Diana Lawrence


Is there something going on here?
Is there something that I’m missing?
I’ve been known to miss a thing or two.
Did I go and miss and thing from you?
If there’s something going on here,
I better make my getaway… (hey).

I’ve been hearing people talking.
I’ve been watching people’s faces.
I’ve been seeing things I didn’t see.
Do they think you’ve got it in for me?
If I’m hearing people talking
I best be getting out of here… (in the clear).

Here’s the one thing you ought to know:
I may put on a real good show
but if it’s more than just for fun
I look out for number one,
and we’re done.

So tell me what’s it gonna be, dear?
Can you play it by my rules?
Cause there really is no other way,
otherwise I’d never stay.
So if that’s how it’s gonna be, dear,
then maybe things will be just fine.
If you’re not mine.

Sure a good man is hard to find,
but I’m just not “good man” inclined.
If you’re looking for big romance,
give up, kid.
I won’t dance…. (not a chance).

Have you heard a word I’m saying?
Guess you’re already in too deep.
It would be a shame to pack my bag.
Breaking hearts is such an awful drag.
But if you haven’t heard a word,
then honey it’s been swell…
I’ve got to fly, honey…