Diana Lawrence


I was due for a slap in the face
I was due for a healthy does of heartache
I was due for a criminal to make me cry
I was due for a sour revelation
I was due for a false sense of security
I was due for a flop without a how or why

I was sure I’d keep living lucky,
I’d never be the one to bruise.
But if love’s a game, then no one’s to blame
if sometimes you win and sometimes you loose.

I was due for a swift kick of reason
I was due for a sorry sad song
I was due for a hard-learned lesson
and a pack of lies I thought were true
I was due for a bitter aftertaste
for rain on my parade and guts gone to waste
and for loving from a man like you.

I could see it when the ship started sinking
water water everywhere but not a drop to drink
drowning deep down in an ocean of emotional energy
energy down the drain
there was confusion that was grief, there was disbelief,
there was running for the hills,
and now I’m finally starting to see
why this was happening to me

Life was filled with lovers warm and worthy
leaving only fond memories behind.
The time was right for you to arrive
and ruin all the faith I had in mankind.

fake her till you make her
make her till you take her
take her till you break her
and break her till you forsake her, baby

I was due for a liar and phony
I was due for an ugly inside out
I was due for dirty rotten cheater and a
shallow sorry S.O.B.
I was due for dreams up in smoke
for running ‘round in circles and love that was a joke
and for you to make a fool of me.

I was due for something in leather
a strong kick start
a brand new heart
a brand new smile
it’s been a while
it’s been a while
it’s been a while