Diana Lawrence


I want a boy in a thrift store sweater
with dark-rimmed glasses and his hands in his pockets when he walks.
He talks if you talk to him, and you can talk to him for quite a while
or you could sit all day and listen to the things that he has to say
and if you’re lucky he’ll smile.

He’d stare at his shoes all day if he didn’t remember to look up high
at all the dirty blue buildings and the big blue sky
and the people going by.
He wants to change the world into something beautiful
and he knows it’s impossible
but he’s not afraid to try.

And he stands like a young oak tree
and his hands and are like soft new leaves
and he reaches like a young oak tree
and he doesn’t know,
he doesn’t know that he’s beautiful.

He can play a few chords on guitar
(I can hear it through the wall).
I think his boss’ name is Charlie
and he argues with his mom, but he always says “sorry”
then he hangs up the phone, and we’re all alone
and then it’s quiet for a while,
and then he plays Kinks record till 2.

I want the boy in the thrift store sweater
I’m here for you
I’m here for you
Come knock on my door, don’t make me wait no more
staying up till 2 with the Kinks and you.
You’re beautiful
You’re beautiful
I want the boy in the thrift store sweater
I love the boy in the thrift store sweater