Diana Lawrence


Storytime 2020

Wow. I cannot remember the last time I put up a blog post on this site. Guess it’s been a year and a half. Seems like another lifetime. But now is now, and here I am. Here we all are.

This year started with subletting my beloved Chicago apartment and in turn subletting an apartment in Harlem, a block from the Hudson River, dirty and noisy and wonderful. In February, I miraculously got the chance to audition for a Broadway music director, and was offered the job of playing keyboard for the first national tour of a Broadway show, which would have taken me on the road constantly for a full year, so I thought really hard about it, and turned it down. Literally minutes later, I was offered the chance to play piano for the world premiere run of a show at the Public Theatre. Then it was March, and the world started to shut down, and just before everything in New York City closed, my husband and I packed all the things we could into a rental car and drove for two days to my family’s house in Michigan. We thought we’d be there for three weeks. We were there for three months. When our Chicago subletter left, we brought ourselves and all our things right back to Chicago.

It’s good to be back, for now. It’s strange that I can’t be in a room with you and sing and play music for you. It’s strange to not know where I’m going next. But we’ve all gotten used to not knowing anything about what the next day will bring. And that means growth and change.

This website is going to grow and change too, a lot. By January or so, it should have a whole new, exciting look, and represent more of who I’m becoming as an artist. I’m excited about what’s ahead. I’m exhausted. But excited for how we’re all going to emerge from this cocoon. For 2021, for you, I’m hoping for butterflies. For all of us.